Helping organisations transform performance, culture and reputation.

My passion to change the nature of conversations, interrupt patterns of behaviour, and improve your working practices will help strengthen your organisation and workforce performance.


Consultancy Services

The evolution of your business culture and operating models requires substantial changes in behaviours, mind-sets and working practices.  Nothing says success like helping you overcome difficulties, explore possibilities, and realise opportunities. Together, we will work through cycles of inquiry, reflection and action to bring about real change.  Continue reading “Consultancy Services”

Cultural Change

I believe that there is a strong connection between leadership and culture. When your organisation’s current beliefs and behavioural norms don’t support your vision, it’s time to redefine leadership to create a real cultural shift. (more…)

Communication and Engagement

Too often, strategies developed in the boardroom don’t connect with those on the front-line. I work closely with leaders to design an environment that engages people to co-create with creative communication solutions that help foster buy-in and engagement. (more…)

People Strategy

All too often, companies create short-term people initiatives that leave little to no impact on the actual culture and the company’s ability to meet its business strategy. A real and long-lasting shift in your culture can only be addressed by exploring the foundations upon which your operating model and organisational design are built, aligning both these to your vision. This is where your people strategy comes in.



Progressive Thinker

As a cultural architect I am a progressive thinker that is constantly developing new approaches. Every organisation is different, so my methods are always tailored to your objectives. I will come armed with ideas and solutions, allowing you to drawn on a wealth of creativity and experience.


Industry Expert

My in-depth knowledge of change, communication and social sciences will allow us to draw confidently from my experience to help your organisation move forward. I relish a challenge and thrive on applying cutting edge ideas and techniques that help my clients achieve their goals.

Thought Provoker

Thinking and behaving differently from many in the industry. I will challenge the norm and will not side-step thorny issues. I will delve deep to understand your business inside out, so that the solutions we build together have a genuine positive impact.


Thought provoking discussions with a community of HR specialist, Organisational change experts and business leaders to share their experiences and inspire us with new ideas relating to the future of work.

The impact of Covid and virtual working

Companies seemed to wing it over the pandemic period, but now they need a structured approach

Leading virtual teams

“People have meetings because they don’t know what questions to ask” Manuel Pistner

Shortage of talent in a virtual world

60% of CEO’s are worried about the shortage of skills according to PWC’s latest research – but why?


Learning is a life long journey of discover. Through these publications, seminars and blogs, I share research and insights gained from my work.

E-books & Resources

Implementing Change Effectively

Check out these 10 steps to support you implementing change effectively.

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Employee Engagement trends

Top 10 trends to adopt this year to keep the focus on employee engagement

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New Rules of Talent Management

Rapid innovation means HR needs to respond by adopting agile talent management strategies.

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Effective Communication