Cultural Change

I believe that there is a strong connection between leadership and culture. When your organisation’s current beliefs and behavioural norms don’t support your vision, it’s time to redefine leadership to create a real cultural shift.

Although leadership and culture are closely linked, I rarely find that cultural change can be managed or planned from the top. Often, the best approach is to redefine leadership, creating a social movement that disrupts the norm and changes culturally ingrained patterns of thought and action for the better.

Typically, I first use participatory inquiry methods to discover cultural patterns, followed by creative ways to hold up a mirror to the organisation. It’s vital to work closely with people across the organisation to run cultural experiments that help shape, build and embed the behaviours that are required to support the organisations future.

I will always begin by getting under the surface of your organisation, tuning into its complex social and political dynamics. Curiosity is key and there is no one more curious than an expert outsider.

I ask the unexpected and challenging questions of you and your team. I listen. I talk. Together, we will navigate the challenges and pave the way for a real cultural shift.