Consultancy Services

The evolution of your business culture and operating models requires substantial changes in behaviours, mind-sets and working practices.  Nothing says success like helping you overcome difficulties, explore possibilities, and realise opportunities. Together, we will work through cycles of inquiry, reflection and action to bring about real change. 

My passion lies in evolving the social connections across teams because I believe people in any business want to be successful and do good work.

Alongside the change programmes and national communication campaigns, as your consultant I support you implement and track clear performance measures that assess the impact of change and directly evidence progress. It is these measures that help build stakeholder buy-in and focus.

People Strategy

Real time observations with concrete strategies will evolve the culture and help you create the optimum environment that aligns with the organisation’s vision. (more…)

Cultural Change

I believe that there is a strong connection between leadership and culture. When your organisation’s current beliefs and behavioural norms don’t support your vision, it’s time to redefine leadership to create a real cultural shift. (more…)

Communication and Engagement

Too often, strategies developed in the boardroom don’t connect with those on the front-line. I work closely with leaders to design an environment that engages people to co-create with creative communication solutions that help foster buy-in and engagement. (more…)