Communication and Engagement

Too often, strategies developed in the boardroom don’t connect with those on the front-line. I work closely with leaders to design an environment that engages people to co-create with creative communication solutions that help foster buy-in and engagement.The most powerful strategies harness the knowledge, creativity, energy and will of the wider organisation. This is the essence of participatory strategy. It’s easier said than done!

From my 15 years experience in chance communication, I believe that strategic change is a planned endeavour as well as a creative process of discovery. It requires everyone to think about their assumptions, experimentation, experience and choice. I adopt a partnership approach to ensure your senior team work more collaboratively by re-igniting their passion and helping them build a foundation for cultural evolution. I also ensure you have access to cutting edge creative solutions that ensure the business strategy goes from words on a page to something that people buy into and live by everyday

In summary, communication is key, and its best left to the specialists.