The impact of Covid and virtual working

Companies seemed to wing it over the pandemic period, but now they need a structured approach

It goes without saying that the pandemic has transformed our way of working now and in the future. We have witnessed together a rapid change in our mindset, in our leadership and in our ability to adopt new technologies and work in a virtual setting. Organisations have had to literally transform their operating models overnight. Luckily people have been accommodating of this rapid transformation.

But what impact has that had on our capacity to lead effectively and on our ability to attract and retain our people?

As we now plan our return back to the office, what should we consider as leaders to ensure we have an effective operating model in the future?

In this session, I am speaking with Dr Florian Kunze and Sophia Zimmermann about their recent research which explores the impact of remote working on our mental wellbeing, and productivity. We also explore some of the learnings that leaders and organisations could take on board as we reintegrate into the office after the pandemic.

Dr Florian Kunze is a Professor for Organisational Studies and head of the Future of Work Lab at the University of Konstanz, Germany. His research revolves around the digitalization of the workplace, effective leadership behavior, and diversity management

Sophia Zimmermann is a Phd research assistant for organisational studies and a member of the Future of Work Lab at the University of Konstanz, Germany. Her research focuses on digital competence and remote work.