Shortage of talent in a virtual world

60% of CEO’s are worried about the shortage of skills according to PWC’s latest research – but why?

A growing number of CEOs are seeking to boost their organisation’s competitiveness through digital investments in the workforce; 36% aim to focus on productivity through technology and automation, which is more than double the share of CEOs who said the same in 2016.

Yet, according to The Open University Business Barometer 2020, two in five employers said they are struggling to recruit staff with leadership skills. At the same time, CEOs are worried about the shortage of skills and talent.

With an average cost of £10k and a delay of up to 3 months to fill an open position from start to end, every minute counts. 

So what can organisations do to tackle the shortage of talent?

With remote working now making more global talent accessible, do we indeed have a shortage of talent crisi on our doorstep?

To help answer some of these questions, I had the pleasure of chatting with Eva Stock, a HR specialist and Head of Business Relations at Jobufo in Germany, as well as Carsten Lebtig the founder of Workmotion.

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