The fundamentals to an unshakeable company culture

Human resources

The secret to an unshakeable company culture is personal meaning and a sense of belonging in the workplace. Here are three fundamentals to an unshakeable culture.

Ensure company-wide clarity on your purpose

Every company has a purpose. It doesn’t matter if you are making products or delivering services, what matters is having a deep understanding of why your company does what it does.

When every person at your company has a crystal clear understanding of your purpose, they feel united, part of something greater than themselves and working towards a common goal.

Regularly praise and acknowledgement

Appreciation is one of the most powerful motivators. Regularly acknowledging employees tells them you care, makes them feel good, and positively reinforces their contributions.

It also empowers employees to take pride and ownership in their roles. When people feel acknowledged and empowered, they find personal meaning in their work. Loyalty, retention, and work ethic will improve dramatically.

Help set and achieve personal goals

The most important person in the world is me – at least that’s how everyone feels. It’s a cognitive filter that everyone utilises. When you help your employees set and achieve their personal goals, even if they are not work related, their “job” becomes self-serving and deeply meaningful.

As a leader, it’s important to check in with your team to help them set these goals and monitor their progress. A department- wide meeting dedicated to personal goal setting can be very effective, especially when paired with quarterly personal reviews to support everyone achieving their goals.

What do you think?

If you have ideas around company culture or leadership then please share them in the comments section below. Thanks! 


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