Expectations of a superhero

Superhero Business Woman
“With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben

Of every superhero, like Spiderman, society has decided to set some very high expectations. These super powers they get to enjoy and the muscles they can flex in the mirror should benefit the masses to do good and fight evil. Society, including you and me, expects superheroes to take ownership of saving people. Why? it’s not just because they possess super powers. It’s because they CHOSE to be our super heroes; they chose to stick up for what is right and lead the way. They made a choice allowing us to set expectations.

Leadership is not all that different from being superheroes. As a leader you may not have super human powers (some may dispute that), but you made the choice to take on the authority to lead your tribe. Naturally, the expectation would be to lead them well and lead them towards success.

So it goes without saying that with great leadership comes great responsibility.

What does this responsibility look like?

A great leader, like the conductor of an orchestra, takes full responsibility of their team’s task – from start to finish – steering the team in the right direction, towards a common goal and clear vision.

A great leader is the foundation of their team, helping them grow and develop as a unit and support each of them individually when they feel a little lost.

As much as the leader is responsible for their team’s success, a leader is also responsible for any failure or mistakes that happen along the way. A leader represents the whole team so whatever happens to this team, the leader is the one accountable.

When things don’t go quite to plan, it may feel tempting to deflect the blame onto someone or something else. Great leaders don’t make excuses or blame others. They help their team accept that mistakes are opportunities to learn from and always focus on the solutions.

My final reminder is as a leader, you may have chosen authority and power, but with this power comes great responsibility. It’s your responsibility to expect the unexpected and learn how to manage unpredictable situations.



If you have ideas around company culture or leadership then please share them in the comments section below. Thanks! 


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